Name A Star

Gift of a Star 

When giving a special someone a present you want them to feel like a star. Instead of making them feel like a star, why not gift them one instead? You can register a star on
Process and Offerings
To register a star, you will need to pick a package deal. There are three to choose from: Deluxe star kit, supernova star kit, and the twin star kit. The deluxe star kit offers a visible constellation star, personalized certificate, a five-piece gift set, and you can find your star in the official register of stars for only $34.99. The supernova star kit is $79.00 that includes the same as the deluxe star kit but gives you two acres of lunar land. The twin star package will give you two certificates for two people to show a special connection for only $59.99. Upon buying a package you can also receive a free photo book and Celestia software package. 
The gift of a star can be given for many different occasions like an anniversary present, Christmas present or even a birthday present. The customers who have already purchased or received their packages are in total admiration. They are happy with how the package is presented, the fact it is officially named and not just registered, and even recommend others to buy the high-quality product as gift. Show your gratitude to your loved ones by registering a star in their name. They will be forever grateful for the genuine and thoughtful gift of a bright star.